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Columbus Wrestling Club 


One time fee


Club Benefits

  • USA Wrestling Affiliation

  • Quality Wrestling Training

  • World Class Instruction

  • Small Group Training

  • Competitive Events

  • Social Activities

  • Guest Clinicians

  • Official CWC T-Shirt

  •  2 Training Days a week

  • Strength and Conditioning

Fall '23 Session

Youth-2nd- 5th Grades - 7-12 year old

5:30pm -6:30pm / Aug 21st - Nov 1st


The Columbus Wrestling Club is a Central Ohio based USA Wrestling sanctioned wrestling club. Columbus Wrestling Club's primary focus is helping wrestlers achieve their potential by building on fundamental wrestling skills and progressively learning advanced techniques, set ups and combinations.  The Columbus Wrestling Club will train all styles of wrestling including Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Each practice will incorporate situation drills and live wrestling while providing a fun and positive learning environment.  We will combine several training methods that will improve body coordination, strength, flexibility with the emphasis on body control.  Learning these methods will increase your son or daughter's ability to execute basic techniques consistently. Wrestling training is a great form of cross training each practice will incorporate drills that help wrestlers become more athletic.  Being more athletic will greatly help them in wrestling as well improve performance is any sport.  The Columbus wrestling club will participate in open competitions through out the fall season. Although competition has many benefits wrestlers will only be encouraged to compete at the levels they are ready for. Competition is not mandatory.  

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